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I help my clients on each step of the project. From scratch and sketch to the stage, when the final decoration is being made.




From incorporating your requests and personal taste with our style and experience, we communicate and involve you in the decision making process from start to finish of our design service. 

  • Planning solutions

  • Mood boards and sketches

  •  3d visualizations for every room

  • Drawings and schemes

  • Shopping List


A redesign session identifies what's not working in your space, creates a new vision for you and gives you a detailed design plan to make it happen on your timeline and budget.

  • Floor Plan

  • Mood boards and sketches

  •  Wall and Floor Finnishes schemes

  • Shopping List


There are hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of items that need to be ordered and managed throughout the home-building and furnishing process. Our system allows you to see the status of items in production, pricing, links, maintain invoices, and provide feedback every step of the way. This keeps you fully in the loop with the product costs, items you’ve approved for ordering

  • Plan for the purchase of equipment, furniture and finishing materials in order to prepare deliveries in a timely manner without stopping the construction process.

  • Coordination of all items from the design estimate for availability and organization of delivery


 Our vast experience in commercial and residential services coordination, and our knowledge of space planning, interior detailing, and custom joinery, provides true satisfaction for our clients and builders with whom we work. 

  • Consultations of builders according to drawings of the design project.

  • Departure to the object (on average 1-2 times a week)

  •  Making the necessary changes to the design project that arise after the dismantling of partitions, wiring plumbing fixtures, leveling walls, floors and ceilings.

  • Approval of projects of individual products (furniture, lamps, decor)

  • Organization and control of deliveries of furniture, plumbing, lighting, decorative and finishing materials to the facility.

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