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This luxury apartment was renovated for a wedding agency owner and a successful young mom. Her property is settled in the modern multi-apartment building with an outstanding view of an entire Kyiv.

We made the place look modern and elegant with some chic details altogether with a delicate color palette. Also we used lots of interesting decorating solutions: the mirror wall in a livingroom, ceramic marble look wall on the tv area, 3D wall panels in a master-bedroom, glass and metal divider in a kids room.

The interior is divided into several zones. A common zone, where we placed a kitchen, a dining area with a bar counter, a lounge area with a large sofa ant media console. And a private zone, consists of two bedrooms — one for the kids, and one master-bedroom. Also we made two separate WC’s and a large built-in wardrobe.
This apartment seamlessly combines style and functionality, creating a unique and cozy living space in perfect harmony.
This interior was featured in Elle Decoration 2022



100 sq.m., Kyiv, Ukraine


Photos by Kate Zolotuhina

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