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Creating an interior for creative individuals is both a challenging and incredibly fascinating task. With a space of 69 square meters, we needed to accommodate an area for shared leisure (which became the kitchen-living room), a bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe for the parents, a room for their teenage son, two bathrooms, and thoughtfully plan a space for their four-legged companions, who rightfully are considered full-fledged family members. In the interior, we applied a series of intriguing solutions: a bedroom separated by a glass partition, a wall made of glass blocks, window sills for seating (which became not only the owners' favorite spot but also the beloved place for their dogs), a window adorned with plywood, and furniture and walls in captivating complex shades. Additionally, we adorned the interior with paintings by Ukrainian artists (Artem Prut, Sergey Maydukov) and decor from Scandinavian brands (Normann, Hay, Muuto).



69 sq.m., Kyiv, Ukraine


Photos by Kate Zolotukhina

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