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This apartment in the heart of Kyiv has become a real oasis for its owners. They lived in the suburbs for a long time, but decided to move to the city and chose one of the best residential complexes in Kyiv.

The owners of the apartment are a married couple with adult children who live separately. But it was important for them to create a large common space where all family members could gather together.

The color scheme was chosen calm and based on nuances - complex shades of gray, beige and brown tones, shaded by brass and bronze details. The overall style is restrained, minimalist, but great attention is paid to the materials and textures - natural wood, textured Zoffany wallpapers, Fioranesse porcelain stoneware, Casamance textiles.

Both bathrooms were decorated with tiles from the Kintsugi collection by Fioranesse. The philosophical basis of kintsugi art lies first of all in the fact that cracks and breaks are an integral part of the object's history and therefore do not deserve to be forgotten and masked. This idea resonates strongly with the current life in Ukraine and reminds us of the importance of immaterial things.


100 sq.m., Kyiv, Ukraine


Photos by Kate Zolotukhina

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