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When we first met the client it became cut-clear that the project would proceed swiftly and smoothly: the technical task was clear, and as for the style, they placed complete trust in us.
The main goal was to create a spacious public area that would be comfortable for entertaining guests, cooking, and, of course, hosting movie screenings. To achieve this vision, we had to remove all unnecessary partitions, merging the kitchen, living room, and corridor into one cohesive space. We left the structural columns in their original form, as the rough concrete texture beautifully contrasts with the smoothly painted light walls. The bathroom also underwent a redesign, where we decided to combine the bathtub and toilet area, gaining a bit of extra space. We shifted a partition between the bedroom and the guest room, allowing us to incorporate a walk-in wardrobe.

During the project, we discovered that the client not only embraced the idea of adding color to the interior but was also deeply passionate about green, which we happily took advantage of. Thus, a green wall with a geometric print, skillfully crafted by DecorSolutions, became the focal point of the living room. The bedroom featured soft wall panels made of green velvet, and the kitchen boasted green fronts from the Vavilon workshop. The rest of the interior remained fairly restrained and monochromatic. Only in the guest room, we allowed a bit of playful mischief by adding graffiti-inspired artwork in the style of Banksy (DecorSolutions) and bold, colorful accents.

In the bathroom, the main focus was on the geometrically patterned tiles from the Spanish brand Bestile. The furniture and wooden panels were crafted by the Teslar workshop.


87 sq.m., Kyiv, Ukraine


Photos by Ira Kalamurza

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