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Lisa Pyshneva Studio is a multi-disciplinary architectural and design bureau that creates perfect living scenarios for people, who seek a mindful aesthetic lifestyle.
Founded by designer Lisa Pyshneva.
Lisa Pyshneva

Founder/Interior Designer

interior designer in Berlin

Lisa is a highly skilled and creative interior designer who creates personalized and captivating spaces.  Through her journey started almost a decade ago she has participated in a wide range of projects from private residences, retail and offices to the design for hospitality.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for design, Lisa transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones that reflect her client's unique tastes and preferences.

Concerning the history of the place and the context, she pays attention to each.

"I like to create inviting interiors complete with honest materials."

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Elle Decoration, 2022 
Archello, 2022 
Archidust, 2022 
His, 2022 
Igloo, 2022 
AD, 2018 
Об'єкт N5, 2019 
Salon Design Interior Guide, 2018 
Идеальный Дом N11, 2017 
Salon The Best of Design, 2016
Salon N182, 2015
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Tel: +49 151 23357471   DE

         +38 067 587 82 99    UA

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