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Interior Advice

An Interior Advice session identifies what's not working in your space, creates a new vision for you and gives you a detailed design plan to make it happen on your timeline and budget.

I will present you 2D plan drawings, general mood board, and furniture/lighting advice.
As a result you will have a plan to start working with the contractor.

Redesign Project

Are you moving or do you want to renovate your existing home? Then I can help you!

Custom Renovation Project means that after an introduction and quotation, we start working on a tailor-made solution.

As a result you will get:

  • Furniture layout plans

  • Mood boards and sketches per room

  • Color advices

  •  Wall and Floor finishes schemes

  • Furniture, Lighting and Textile selection

  • Shopping List

The project can be done per-room.

Please fill out this Intake form to start a project!

Full Design Project

If you need a more complex project with all the details clear, we suggest taking a Full Design Project.

A full design project includes a design concept,  3D renderings and schemes, drawings package and all specifications.

  • Planning solutions

  • Mood boards and sketches

  • 3D Renderings

  • Drawings and schemes

  • Specification in Google Doc

Online or Offline
Project Supervision

We make sure that the concept is not lost at the stage of implementation. We control the quality of implementation and solve rising issues of the project.

  • Consultations of builders according to drawings of the design project.

  • Approval of projects of individual products (furniture, lamps, decor)

  • Organization and control of deliveries of furniture, plumbing, lighting, decorative and finishing materials to the facility.

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