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The building housing this apartment is located on the Rybalsky Peninsula in Kyiv. The design of the facades was inspired by the colors and shapes of port buildings and ship docks that were characteristic of this area, hence the name of the complex - Dock32
When we began crafting the interior, it was essential for us to preserve the loft-like atmosphere and establish a strong connection with the architectural identity of the building. We based our design on just a few textures and colors - concrete, light wood, and white, to create a sense of space and coziness. To the right mood, we add terracotta hues, black elements, and glass blocks.
The kitchen is organized in an open space together with the living room to create a multifunctional area for relaxation and gatherings with friends. Neutral light walls with accents in the form of reproductions of Ukrainian modernist paintings make this space bright and cozy. The special highlight of this apartment is the panoramic windows, offering a view of the Dnipro River and the city surroundings. In the living room, we have expanded the windowsills and created a plywood box - it's the perfect spot for morning coffee or enchanting evening sessions with the mesmerizing sunset.
The bedroom is a cozy oasis of tranquility. The neutral green shade of the walls and textiles evokes a sense of naturalness and envelops with comfort. A large bed with a comfortable mattress ensures a peaceful sleep, and the windows offer an incredible view of the river, helping to relax after a hectic day. Additionally, the room features intriguing handcrafted details - leather handles on the wardrobe and a captain's mirror above the dressing table. The wall opposite the bed is adorned with a reproduction of the painting 'Head of a Man' by the prominent Ukrainian modernist artist, Kostiantyn Yelev
The bathroom features a modern design with a vibrant accent in the form of terracotta clinker tiles. We specifically selected facade tiles to highlight the architecture of the building. The large illuminated mirror makes this room visually more spacious and convenient for daily rituals


43 sq.m., Kyiv, Ukraine


Photos by Irina Bunakova

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